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Welcome to Virginia Tech's Electronic Faculty Activity Reporting system.

Virginia Tech is implementing an electronic faculty activity reporting system to automate the production of annual faculty activity reports. Once the system is fully implemented, it can also be used to produce promotion and tenure dossiers and CVs for individual faculty members as well as department, college, and university level reports. 

Pilot departments in six colleges tested the system in the 2011-2012 academic year. All departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences have used the system for reporting since 2012-2013. 

For more information, contact Peggy Layne.

** Note: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty members do not use this system. CALS faculty should use this link instead. **

Login to Virginia Tech EFARS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use EFARS?

Information can be entered once and used to produce a variety of reports. Individual faculty members can produce an annual report, a promotion and tenure dossier, or a vita, for example. Department heads, deans, and administrators can produce reports about the activities of faculty in their unit, including for accreditation purposes.

Who will have access to my data?

Department heads and their designees will have access to data on faculty in their department. Likewise, deans and their designees will have access to data on faculty in their college, and the provost will have access to data on all instructional faculty.

The screens don’t look like my FAR. How do I know where to enter which data?

EFARS guides for faculty are available to show you where to enter data for the various sections of your FAR. Look for a guide for your college to the right of this page.

Do I need to fill in every blank on the screen?

No, you only need to report the same data that you have included on your FAR in the past.

Note that some fields are required in order for the information to appear correctly in FAR. Those fields are marked with a red *.

How do I generate my FAR?
    Image of Run Custom Reports screen with instructions for generating CLAHS FAR

Select Run Custom Reports from the navigation menu on the left. Select Faculty Activity Report (Your College) from the drop down menu. Click on Select Report. Select the appropriate date range. (This varies by college. For CLAHS, this is now January 1 to December 31 of last year.) Select APA or MLA for your citation style. Click on Build Report. This should generate a Word document that you can save on your computer and send to your department head.

Why isn't the activity I entered showing up on my report?

The first thing to check when an activity does not appear as expected on your report is the dates. Every activity must have a date associated with it in order to be included on a report, and the date of the activity must fall within the date range specified for the report. 

Date fields are at the bottom of most data entry screens. In most cases, month and year are sufficient. If an activity was a one time event but the data entry screen includes fields for start and end dates, just fill in the end date and leave the start date blank. If an activity is ongoing, enter a start date and leave the end date blank.

Keep in mind that the system is designed to produce a variety of reports in addition to the FAR, so you may enter some items that are not currently included in the FAR.