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Promotion and tenure policies for tenured and tenure-track faculty, faculty on the continued appointment track, and non-tenure-track instructional faculty are spelled out in chapters three, four, and five respectively of the faculty handbook.

The promotion and tenure process begins at the department level, and continues through the college to the university level. The provost's staff provides support to the university promotion and tenure committee and oversees the process. 


Faculty preparing for promotion and/or tenure review should first consult with the their department head for important deadlines. University-level deadlines for promotion and tenure review are on the Calendar of Important Dates.

Tenured and tenure-track collegiate faculty should follow these guidelines when preparing their dossiers for promotion and/or tenure:

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines 2014-15 (PDF | 94KB)

The following templates are provided to assist faculty in preparing their dossiers:

Promotion and Tenure Dossier Template 2014-2015 (PDF | 35KB)

Promotion and Tenure Dossier Template 2014-2015 (DOCX | 29KB)

Promotion and Tenure Cover Page 2014-2015 (DOCX | 34KB)

Promotion and tenure committees should follow these guidelines when requesting external reviews:

Guidelines for Requesting External Reviews (PDF | 20KB)

University Promotion and Tenure Committee Members 2014-15 (PDF | 21KB)

University Libraries and Virginia Cooperative Extension maintain the guidelines for preparing dossiers for promotion and continued appointment of their respective extra-collegiate faculty. 

Library faculty promotion and tenure

Please contact the Dean of University Libraries or the Director of Virginia Cooperative Extension for more information.

Promotion and continued appointment dossiers must be submitted to the university committee electronically.

Promotion and Continued Appointment Cover Page 2014-15 (DOCX | 18KB)

Promotion and Continued Appointment University Committee Members 2014-15 (PDF | 26KB)


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