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Fall 2020 Attendance and Grading, and Sample Syllabus Statements Guidance

Revised 07/13

Faculty Handbook section 9.6.1 Syllabus and Performance Expectations requires faculty to provide clear expectations for all elements of a course through the syllabus, including attendance and assignment of grades.

  • Classroom expectations and course policies must be adapted to the health and safety measures needed to mitigate transmission of COVID-19. A core element of this is therequirement that individuals self-isolate when exhibiting any symptoms of illness. In addition, individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 may be directed to self-quarantine for a period of time. Thus, it is crucial that faculty communicate to students that they should not attend an in-person class if they feel the slightest bit sick, and also take no action that couldencourage class attendance by those whose attendance might endanger public health, for example through the inclusion of attendance as a factor of course grade calculation.
  • Asking for verification of illness by a medical professional is not appropriate in light of public health guidance to self-isolate. Schiffert Health Center does not provide verification of illness to the Dean of Students or others due to HIPAA regulations. Faculty members should accept a student’s notification of illness. The course syllabus should specify expectations for illness notification from the student (e.g., email) and expectations for communicating about missed work and its submission.
  • Should a student become seriously ill for an extended period of time or is required to quarantine, the student should work with the Dean of Students and the associate dean to provide notification and support under the university’s regular processes.

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