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Classroom Conduct Guidance

Revised 07/13

Faculty Handbook Section 9.9 Classroom Conduct describes the responsibility of an instructor (any faculty rank or graduate teaching assistant) to maintain a positive learning environment. It states:

Maintaining a good learning environment in the classroom is an important part of a faculty member’s responsibility as a teacher. The teacher should endeavor to create a classroom atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming of all students, including women and members of minority groups. Disruptive classroom conduct on the part of some students may be distracting, annoying, or intimidating to other students and should not be tolerated by the teacher. . . . Faculty have the prerogative of deciding the classroom conduct and the appropriate dress of their students as long as these actions do not infringe upon the students’ rights as guaranteed in principles underlying the section in the Hokie Handbook. It is the faculty member’s obligation to ensure that the classes following find a clean and orderly space.”

These obligations include upholding the university’s guidance for health and safety protocol under the conditions of COVID-19. Faculty should follow the Guidelines for Implementation of Public Health Measures published on May 21, 2020 and all subsequent notifications from the university(e.g., VT Ready - Hygiene).

Read further for additional guidance in the Classroom Conduct Guidance (PDF).