Department Heads Council

In fall semester 2006, a group of department heads met to discuss their desires and goals for a better collective future at Virginia Tech. As a result of their discussions—and with the enthusiastic support of the provost—the Department Heads Council and its Executive Committee were formed.


  • To focus on developing a better collective future for Virginia Tech's academic departments and their leaders,
  • To operate as an advisory and support group to enhance existing administrative and faculty governance structures, and
  • To participate in the design and delivery of training programs that would support the development of existing and future department heads/chairs at Virginia Tech.


Department Heads Council Information

Department Heads Council Resources

2019-2020 DHEC.pdf Department Heads Council Executive Committee
Department Heads Council Membership List.pdf Department Heads Council Membership List

Upcoming Events

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For more information regarding the Department Heads Council, its Executive Committee, forums, meetings, or the council listserv, please contact Cyndi Hutchison, Provost's Office.