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MUS 3314 Linux Laptop Orchestra

Course goes fully online in the fall 2020

Looking for a way to safely connect with an open and friendly community of students and collaboratively create electronic music with no prior musical experience required? Are you looking for an Area 6 or a music ensemble credit? The Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) is a great opportunity to both connect with others through music and to fulfill your credit requirements while getting a transdisciplinary experience. L2Ork commonly uses computers and various sensors, gaming and musical controllers to make experimental music that is performed in various venues each semester. Songs are written using pd-l2ork, a visual multimedia programming software developed specifically for this class by both students and faculty. The ensemble has also introduced world's first Raspberry Pi Orchestra that uses a battery of custom sensors. In partnership with the industry we offer educational and paid research opportunities for students.

This fall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be exploring our latest first-of-a-kind creation-L2Ork Tweeter, a low-bandwidth-friendly online platform for jamming, improvisation, composition, practice, and performance. To learn more about Tweeter, visit the following resources:

L2Ork Tweeter Overview (YouTube)

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Therefore, this fall, with your help and engagement, we will be developing an entirely new repertoire using the newfound L2Ork Tweeter. In addition to real-time online jamming sessions and encouraging students to form teams and develop their own collaborative groups and bands, we will also mix remote maker-like sessions and facilitate discussions where we will cover in greater detail the infrastructure needed to create an online collaborative music making system and by doing so encourage building of new communities through music. The aforesaid programming environment and L2Ork Tweeter are free and open source and run on all platforms. There are no course materials and/or expenses necessary to enroll.

No audition is necessary. So, if interested, simply sign-up for the course. Given the course will be offered exclusively online, based on the student interest, we will consider increasing the enrollment cap, as needed. If for whatever reason you are unable to enroll, please do not hesitate to contact the instructor at for assistance.

MUS-3314: Linux Laptop Orchestra - 1 credit
CRN: 88550
Instructor: Ivica Ico Bukvic

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.
Fall 2020 taught exclusively synchronously online


  • Open to all majors
  • No prior music or technical experience required
  • A unique opportunity to combine music, computer science, and technologyusing first-of-a-kind L2Ork Tweeter platform
  • 1 Credit Hour Area 6 Course

L2Ork in Performance

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