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MUS4014H: New Interfaces for Socially Distant Collaboration

Spring 2021

Building on the successes of the Linux Laptop Orchestra's (L2OrkL2Ork Tweeter designed in response to COVID-19 to connect laptop musicians over distance to collaboratively ideate, improvise, compose, rehearse, and perform new electronic music, in the Spring 2021 the Creative Technologies in Music program at Virginia Tech is pleased to offer MUS4014 course (New Interfaces for Socially Distant Collaboration). By forming interdisciplinary collaborative groups, students will have an opportunity to learn how to holistically:

  • Develop new networked collaborative interfaces and use them to co-create and co-design new sound, music, and multimedia-based artifacts;
  • Design innovative interaction interfaces;
  • Navigate issues of usability, security, and privacy;
  • Address the limitations of network-based collaboration, including bandwidth and audio latency;
  • Explore, test, and evaluate existing and new prototypes;
  • Collaboratively develop new content using newfound interfaces, and
  • Present their work at the end of the semester as part of the Creativity+Innovation Day.

The course is also open to non-majors who do not have to have stated prerequisites. Instead they need to be at least Juniors in their own area of study. To learn how to register please email the instructor at

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MUS-4014: Topics Adv Electroacoustic Res: New Interfaces for Socially Distant Collaboration
CRN 18309 (Honors section number to be posted shortly), 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Ivica Ico Bukvic

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.
Spring 2021 taught exclusively synchronously online


  • Open to all majors (majors need to satisfy prerequisites while non-majors need to be Juniors or Seniors in their own area of study)
  • No prior music or technical experience required
  • A unique opportunity to combine arts and technology using first-of-a-kind L2Ork Tweeter platform
  • 3 Credit Hour Area 6 Course
  • Counts for a technical elective in CS and Engineering
  • Also available for the Honors credit (as indicated in the timetable of classes)
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