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Creativity+Innovation Courses Spring 2020

Honors Laureate: Creativity and Innovation

Students pursuing the Honors Laureate: Creativity and Innovation focus area must complete at least thirty (30) honors credits across the Four Elements of an Honors Education following the guidelines below. Elements Two, Three, and Four each require at least six honors credits.

For more information, email Dr. Bukvic – Director, Creativity + Innovation, Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.

The Four Elements are:

This Element has no minimum credit requirement. Visit the Honors College website for the full course list.

Plan at least six credits in this Element using Honors Faculty-Student Agreements to supplement the material in the courses you choose from the options below.

ART 1114: Play to Make
ART 3405: Game Design and Creative Code
ENGE 2094: Create! Ideation for Innovation
STS 2254: Innovation in Context
MUS 3064: Digital Sound Manipulation

Plan at least six credits in this Element choosing from the courses listed below. You may take courses from any or all three of the course groups: Understand, Explore, Materialize. There are no requirements for a minimum or maximum number of credits in any of these groups.

Courses taken in this element must be outside of a student’s primary major.
Secondary major and in-minor courses, however, are permissible.

All courses chosen must utilize an Honors Faculty–Student Agreement to supplement the material in the chosen courses – except for MUS 4014H: Topics in Advanced Electroacoustic Research, which is already a departmental honors course.

Understand (Empathize/Define)

CINE 2054: Introduction to Cinema
COMM 1014: Introduction to Communications
COMM 2084: Media and Society
COMM 3274: Social Dimensions of Games, Simulations, and Virtual Environments
CS 3724: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
ITDS 1114: Design Appreciation
MUS 3314: Linux Laptop Orchestra
STS 1504: Intro to Science, Technology and Society
STS 2604: Introduction to Data in Social Context
STS 3284: Technology and Disability

Explore (Ideate/Prototype)

AHRM 2014: Design for Consumers Studio
ART 1004: Topics in Studio Art for NonMajors
ART 1234: Topics in Visual Communication Design for NonMajors
CS 1014: Introduction to Computational Thinking
CS 1064: Introduction to Programming in Python
ENGL 2744: Intro to Creative Writing
HUM 2204: The Creative Process
TA 2204: Creative Dance

Materialize (Test/Implement)

CS 3744: Intro to GUI Programming
MUS 4014H: Topics in Advanced Electroacoustic Research
SOC 2104: Quantitative Approaches to Community Research
TA 2404: Intro to Applied Collaborative Techniques

Plan at least six credits in this Element using the options below:

IDS/MGT/ENGE 4094: StartUp Class: Commercialization of Innovation

  • XXXX 2994/4994: Undergraduate Research (in any department)
  • UH 3204: Honors Service Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Study Abroad
  • Partners in the Parks
  • Corps of Cadets Leadership Experiences


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