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Data and Decisions Courses Fall 2019

Introduction to Data in the Social Context

HIST 2604

110B, 120, 130B New Classroom Building

Examines the use of data to identify, reveal, explain, and interpret patterns of human behavior, identity, ethics, diversity, and interactions. Explores the historical trajectories of data to ask how societies have increasingly identified numerical measures as meaningful categories of knowledge, as well as the persistent challenges to assumptions about the universality of categories reducible to numerical measures.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:

Critical Thinking Humanities, G02 
Quant & Comp Thnk Foundation, G05F 
Ethical Reasoning, G10 
Intercultural&Global Awareness, G11

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Instructor: Tom Ewing

This course is part of the Data and Decisions Pathways Minor.

Data Matter

CMDA 2014

3076 Derring Hall

One of two introductory courses for Data and Decisions Pathways Minor. Develops fundamental analytical and programming skills to complete the “analytic pipeline”, including specifying research questions, selecting/collecting data ethically and responsibly, processing and summarizing datasets, and stating findings while considering all assumptions made. Identify vulnerabilities in analyses discussed and implemented, including sources of bias and ethical implications. Some programming skills recommended, but not required. Some prior use of data recommended, but not required.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:

Quant & Comp Thnk Advanced, G05A 
Ethical Reasoning, G10

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Instructor: Clark Gaylord

This course is part of the Data and Decisions Pathways Minor.


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