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Integrated Security Courses Spring 2020

The Nature of Today’s Security: Foundations of Complex Security Systems

PSCI 2984

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Taught in Spring 2019, a newly designed course that makes use of the ISERC to teach students about global security from a political, business, and technological standpoint. Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers from across the university, industry, and government, while also preparing to tackle a simulated real-world crisis response scenario.

"Overall, this simulation was incredible. It was really enjoyable and helped to show what goes into a disaster response. We were able to plan a response beforehand and while our response did not necessarily go to plan, we were able to work the problem to successfully mitigate the disaster. Most of the class did an amazing job handling their problems and helping others."

- Student, Spring 2019


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Instructor: Aaron Brantly, 2019 Award Recipient: XCaliber Award for Excellence in Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning
This course is taught in the Integrated Security Education and Research Center.

The Dark Web and Threat Analytics

PSCI/IS 3044

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Introduces students to theoretical, technological, and policy debates in Internet governance. Topics include multistakeholder governance, cybersecurity and cybercrime, network investigative techniques, data protection, vulnerability disclosure, use of anonymity-granting technologies, network neutrality, virtual currencies, big data, algorithmic bias and decision-making, politics of the domain name system, privacy, free expression, cross-border dispute resolution, data ownership, and challenges to state authority.

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Instructor: Eric Jardine
Taught in Spring 2019, this course was a combination of lectures, guest speakers (for example, from the FBI), and a semester long threat analysis project using a proprietary analytics platform and real Dark Web data. Working in pairs, the students then drafted final threat reports on topics ranging from white nationalism in Dark Web chat forums to drug sales on cryptomarkets. At the end of the semester, the student groups presented their final reports to a panel of government (particularly Defense Intelligence Agency) and private sector (a threat analysis firms) representatives.


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