Materials Courses Fall 2019

Collaborative Policy Making and Planning

SPIA 2554

101S Library Scale Up Classroom
M, W

Introduction to multi-stakeholder collaboration and public participation in planning, policy-making and public administration. Tools and approaches for engagement and effective collaboration. Deliberative and participatory democracy, and transparency in society. Information sharing and access. Civil society, the media and citizen activism. Ethical and moral issues in collaboration. Barriers to participation, and diversity and inclusion.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:
Reasoning in Social Sciences, G03
Identity & Equity in U.S., G07
Ethical Reasoning, G10

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Instructor: Todd Schenk

Energy and Raw Materials

MINE 2114

103A Surge Space Building
T, Th

Supply and demand of energy resources and raw materials. Domestic and global trends. Development of energy and mineral resources. Electricity generation, efficiency, and distribution. Energy and raw materials infrastructure Disparities in resource-producing vs. resource-consuming regions. Environmental considerations and engineering management. Land use and reclamation. Greenhouse gas management. Policy, regulations, and incentives. Geopolitical considerations. Conservation and efficiency. Sustainable development. This course is available to undergraduate students of all ranks and all majors.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:
Reasoning in Natural Sciences, G04
Intercultural&Global Awareness, G11

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Instructors: Ellen Gilliland (Primary) and Michael Karmis


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