+Policy Course Fall 2019

Complex Collective Decision and Policymaking: The Case of Cyber Security in 2016 US Presidential Election


This course will introduce basic concepts of policy and decision making in complex social and technical settings, including public, private, non-profit organizations, and communities. The cyberattacks during the 2016 US presidential election will be use as a case study to guide discussions and introduce policy analysis concepts and evaluation tools.

Topics: Foundations of cyber security, policy concepts, policy processes, policy analysis, economic and political science approach to policy analysis, mis-and dis-information, cybersecurity and governance, stakeholder analysis, ethics and cybersecurity among others.

Additional information

Eric Jardine, Political Science
Anne-Lise Velez, Honors College
Navid Ghaffarzadegan, ISE
Teacher Assistant: Negar Darabi
The main audience are junior or senior level undergraduate students, and early-stage graduate students (4000 and 5000 levels). Students are expected to have little or no former policy-related training but are interested in exploring policy domains. For graduate student, the course will include high level analytical problem solving and projects which requires more in-depth reading of the literature and data analysis.


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