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+Policy Courses Spring 2020

VT Honor College SuperStudio Program

Open to all undergraduates. In Spring 2020 the following transdisciplinary courses will be offered:

  • 20945 Environmental policy and social change (3 credits)
  • 20946 Data analysis for health reform - Medicare for All (3 credits)
  • 20947 Innovation for the public good - Drone Age Innovation (3 credits)
  • 20948 The future of higher education (3 credits)
  • 19367 The future of employment (3 credits)

Students enrolled in one of these three-credit topics courses also enroll in a one-credit team-taught policy context course, UH 4984 CRN 20958, to examine the challenges and potentials of the Green New Deal, and meet across topics sections for common activities. Superstudio will provide opportunities for students to develop transdisciplinary and collaborative skills needed as professionals and citizens.

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