Teaching evaluations (SPOT scores) cannot be entered into the EFAR system at this time. 

You may need to generate your report as a Word document and add or attach the SPOT scores manually.

CALS faculty can attach a copy of their SPOT scores to their annual review in the Courses taught section.

Online databases do not distinguish between peer-reviewed/refereed and non-peer-reviewed/refereed journal articles, so for articles that are peer reviewed/refereed you will need to change the activity type from "Journal Article" to "Refereed Journal Article". You can do that on the "My Publications" screen. Under the title of each article, on the "Summary" tab, look for the small pencil icon next to "Journal article". Click on the pencil icon to see a drop down menu for "Type" and select "Refereed Journal Article", then click Save.

Follow this same procedure to change a book chapter to a journal article, etc.

Screen capture of changing the activity type
Screen capture of changing the activity type step 2

After you have entered information about your activity, click on the title to go to the detailed information page for that activity. Look for "Labels" at the top of the page and click on "Add labels". In the box that appears, click the "+" by "VT Strategic Initiatives" and select the appropriate label.

Screen capture of Label entry
Screen capture of VT Strategic Initiatives label

From the Home page, click the Menu tab, then look under Build and click on CV and Reports. Choose the report and select a date range and format (Word or PDF).

From the Profile page, look for the CV and Reports button on the upper right, under the Virginia Tech logo. Click the CV and Reports button, then select the report, date range, and format.

Annual reports and promotion and tenure dossiers generated from Elements should be considered drafts. Personal statements, course evaluations, and goals will need to be added manually. 

If your scholarly activities are not captured by online databases searchable by Elements, you may want to turn off the search function. Go to Menu>Search settings, scroll to the bottom of the Publications search settings page, and click to remove any check marks in the boxes in the Currently searched column, then click Save.

On the My Publications screen, find the item that you want to deposit and look for the pale blue icon with an up arrow in the row of icons for that entry. Click on the icon to navigate to the Deposit page. Review the instructions and deposit advice, then upload the file to be deposited. If you have questions about copyright restrictions, consult your liaison librarian or email vtechworks@vt.edu.   

If you have already deposited an item into VTechWorks, do not deposit it again. Go to the item in VTechWorks and copy the URI. (The URI will look something like http://hdl.handle.net/12345/67890.) Paste the URI into the Author URL field in Elements. The item will appear as "not deposited" in Elements, but the Elements record will be linked with the original item that you deposited in VTechWorks.

Review the guidance document below. You may also want to consult with a librarian.  See More help with search settings.

Instead of deleting duplicate entries,  join duplicate entries together by clicking the greenish icon next to the red X to add both entries to the “workspace”, then go to the workspace and join them together. Access the workspace with the button on the black bar at the top of the page, next to the help and envelope icons. You can designate a preferred record for reporting purposes.
If you really want to delete an entry, go to the activity summary page, where all activities are listed, and look for the row of icons on the lower right of the entry - five round icons, different colors and images. The one on the far right should be a red circle with a white X in the middle. Click on the red X to remove that entry.


You cannot edit data imported from an online database, but you can add a manual record to correct or add additional information about a publication.  Click on the title or the magnifying glass icon to go to the detailed information about the publication, and click on Add Manual Record. Once you have entered the desired information, click Set as Preferred Record.

Information about sponsored research is imported into Elements from Virginia Tech's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and is updated monthly. You cannot edit the imported information, but you can "Add a manual record" to change the way information appears in Elements. If you believe the information from OSP is incorrect or have other questions about that data, please contact Katie Reaves

The title field (Mr/Ms/Dr) is populated from Banner. Your department Banner representative can change it. The Banner field is called spbpers_name_prefix on the screen PPAIDEN.

You can make someone a "delegate" to allow them to manage your Elements data. Log in to Elements and click on the menu tab. Look under "My Account" for "Account Settings" > "Manage delegates". Type in the person's last name to find them in Elements. 

If your delegate's name does not appear, they may not have an account in the system. Accounts are automatically created for faculty on a monthly basis based on information in Banner. Accounts can be created for staff or student workers to allow them to manage data for faculty with the approval of the department head. Contact your college Elements lead or Peggy Layne for assistance.