Research Leaves

In addition to the types of leave available to all faculty employees, tenured faculty members may be eligible to request Study-Research Leave or Research Assignment.

Study-Research Leave: one year, partial salary (not to exceed one-half salary), full employee benefits

Research Assignment: one semester, full salary, full employee benefits

Please consult the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 3, Sections 3.8 and 3.9 for detailed descriptions of these types of leave.

Application Process

Full-time tenured faculty members with the rank of associate professor or higher who have accrued a minimum of six years of service are eligible for study-research leave or research assignment. Following a period of study-research leave or research assignment, an additional six years of full-time service are necessary before a faculty member is eligible for another leave.

To apply for study-research leave or research assignment, the following forms should be completed and submitted electronically to the college dean's office to be approved and submitted to the Provost's office via Sharepoint.


  • November 1: Request for leave due to department head, including the Memorandum of Agreement and P3A forms (see sidebar for forms)
  • November 15: Department-approved requests due to dean
  • December 15: Dean-approved requests due to provost
  • April 1: Provost-approved requests presented to Board of Visitors for approval
  • April 2: Faculty member, department head, dean, human resources, notified of board approval


Changes in Circumstances
Throughout the process, should changes in a faculty member’s circumstances impact the timing or conditions of a leave request, please contact Jack Finney, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Provost.


Within two months of return to service, faculty members on study-research leave or research assignment are required to submit a brief report describing their activities and accomplishments  Reports should be submitted electronically using the link below, with copies to the department head and dean:

Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost