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Faculty guidelines for COVID-19 testing

Testing availability for faculty and staff will be a function and level of risk based on DOLI regulations, and consideration of position related factors such as the nature of their job or academic/research responsibilities.

“High contact” employee groups include the following:

  • Those who may consistently be less than six feet apart for longer than 15 minutes (with or without PPE),
  • Those who work in environments where administrative controls to reduce risk are not possible, or
  • Those who have a higher regular interaction with the general public.

Faculty who are considered “high contact” employees have been notified by their supervisor or department/college HR team of this status and the process for participating in surveillance testing.

For those who are not identified as a “high contact” employee, but believe they have an increased level of risk due to their role, an exception process exists to determine surveillance testing eligibility. These individuals should contact Hokie Wellness at 540-231-4600 and notify their department/unit heads.

A representative from Hokie Wellness will ask a series of questions to determine whether an individual may be eligible for surveillance testing. These questions include:

  • Are you in a role where you have regular contact with others within 6 feet?
    • If so, do these encounters typically last more than 15 minutes?
  • What other factors may be part of your on-site work that would make you a high contact employee?
  • What environmental protective measures are in place? What personal protective measures are you taking?
    • Examples of protective measures includes:
      • Physical distancing
      • Plexiglas
      • Double stacked tables
      • Utilizing offices rather than cubicles
      • Usage of mask/face shield
      • Floor signage
      • Re-configuration of space

Based on the information provided by the individual, a decision will be made as to whether or not inclusion in “high contact” surveillance testing is warranted. 

More information and guidance can be found in the university’s COVID-19 Testing, Tracing and Case Management and COVID-19 Surveillance plans.