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Guidelines for Visitors to Virginia Tech Campuses and Facilities

In an effort to safeguard the university community and manage the spread of COVID-19, academic and research programming/activities that typically involve visitors should be conducted virtually to the extent possible. Where programming/activities cannot be virtual and an in-person visitor is required, mitigation strategies should be implemented that comply with all university and VDH health and safety protocols including wearing of masks, proper physical distancing, visitor tracking, and reduced classroom and laboratory capacity limits.

“Visitor” would include any individual invited to a Virginia Tech campus, center or facility by an employee or approved student group/organization for a meeting, event, or activity that advances the academic, research, diversity, student engagement, and/or land grant mission of the university.

All visitors are expected to comply with COVID-19 mitigation guidance and requirements as well as community public health requirements, and any policy or protocol that applies to Virginia Tech students, employees, or vendors/contractors.

This checklist provides guidance and can help Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students determine if an in-person visitor is appropriate and if they have been properly informed/prepared to visit the campus:

  • Is the visitor coming to campus for an important activity that advances the academic, research, diversity, student engagement, and/or land grant mission of the university?
  • Has the visitor been instructed to monitor symptoms and been provided with all necessary tools to enable them to follow our Community Wellness Commitment and health and safety protocols?
  • Has the visitor reviewed and agreed to adhere to the university’s Community Wellness Commitment and health and safety protocols? (additional resources can be found on the Virginia Tech Ready website)
  • Has the visitor been instructed that they must wear a face covering and that it must be worn in all hallways, public spaces and common areas, as well as academic and research spaces?
  • Has the visitor has been instructed to use hand sanitizer and/or frequently wash hands throughout their time on campus?
  • Has the visitor been instructed that they must follow all university protocols, building signage, marked pathways and other building/research space guidance intended to promote social distancing and room capacity limits?

All of the above items should be affirmed to comply with Virginia Tech campus health and safety protocols. Written approval of an academic VP, college dean, center/institute director or department head may be required.