Campus Initiative Presentations

December 2016

Update on PIBB and Academic Decision Support, Including Invitation to Comment on Metrics
This presentation provides an update on the Performance Incentive Based Budget and introduces the concept of an academic decision support system that will underpin not only the new budget process but improved, data informed decision making, across a variety of other internal activities.


August 2016

Incentive Based Budgeting
This presentation provides an overview of the partnership for an incentive based budget. This presentation is conducted by Thanasis Rikakis, Executive Vice President and Provost, Tim Hodge, Assistant Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning, and Ken Smith, Vice Provost for Resource Management and Institutional Effectiveness. A version of this presentation was given to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors on August 29, 2016, and also to the Virginia Tech Faculty Senate on August 23, 2016. In mid-September, the Provost extended the timeline for implementation of the budget model by one-year.