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COVID-19 Surveillance Plan (PDF) 09/04
Provides processes for ongoing surveillance of the student and high contact populations.

Facilities and Building Operations Planning (PDF) 07/31
Presentation focused on planning for creating and maintaining healthy campus environments.

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Operational Plan - SCHEV (PDF) revised 07/28
University plan to build strategic path from essential operations to full operations within context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Fall 2020 Attendance and Grading, and Sample Syllabus Statements Guidance
Faculty Handbook: Requires faculty to provide clear expectations through the syllabus, including attendance and assignment of grades.

Flowchart: How to Report a Positive COVID-19 Test Result (PDF) 09/04
Steps for students, faculty/staff, and vendors/contractors to take to report positive COVID-19 tests.

Preliminary Recommendations for Delivery of Academic Programs in Fall 2020 (PID required) revised 06/23
Plan to deliver in-person curriculum to the greatest extent possible while suppressing resurgence of COVID-19 on campus.

Public Health Guidelines: Student Education and Enforcement 07/29
Approach to enforcement of public health requirements and guidelines in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

When it is safe to be around others: Ending quarantine or isolation (PDF) 08/27
Guidelines for ending isolation in non-healthcare settings and ending quarantine for those who have been exposed to COVID-19.

Glossary of terms related to COVID-19 and Virginia Tech documents and communications.

Faculty guidelines for COVID-19 testing 09/17
Testing availability/priority based on DOLI regulations and consideration of position-related conditions.

Faculty Senate Frequently Asked Questions
Summary of the July 31 Q&A session with Provost Cyril Clarke and the Faculty Senate

Fall 2020 Mid-Semester Course Check-In Resources 10/06

Guidelines for supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants for Fall 2020

Health and Safety
Resources and information through VT Ready website

Instruction revised 09/03
Resources and information through VT Ready website

Instructions for Centralized Distribution of PPE
Detailed instructions for ordering PPE supplies from the VT University Centralized Critical Supply Inventory

Office of Student Conduct

Outdoor WiFi coverage

Scholarly accomplishments impacted by COVID-19 09/17
Guidelines for including accomplishments that were accepted, but cancelled due to the pandemic.

Student travel guidelines 08/19
Student travel is discouraged until further notice due to public health guidance related to COVID-19 transmission and travel.

Undergraduate Research Resuming Fall 2020