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Scholarly accomplishments impacted by COVID-19

Virginia Tech encourages faculty to include scholarly accomplishments that were accepted, but cancelled due to the pandemic in their annual faculty activity reports and in promotion and tenure dossiers.

Please follow guidelines such as those provided by the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Manual and American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide.

MLA Guidance: If the conference that accepted your presentation was canceled, you may list the presentation on your CV under a header such as “Accepted Papers” or “Invited Speeches” and note that the conference did not take place.

APA Guidance: Include the presentation in your CV, as your work was peer reviewed and accepted, but consider which of four cases is most applicable:

  1. conference is canceled,
  2. conference is changed to be online only,
  3. conference occurs (in person or online), but you cannot attend or present, or
  4. conference will be postponed.

Further information will be posted on the Faculty Affairs website as it becomes available.