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Provost's Update for Week of July 27-31

Fall 2020 Planning: Facilities and Building Operations:

Chris Kiwus, Vice President for Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities, presented an overview of fall planning for facility and building operations to the President’s Council this week. The presentation focused on creating and maintaining healthy campus environments to include cleaning and disinfection, shared objects, ventilation and water systems, modification of facility layouts, physical shielding, communal spaces, and food service. This would require actions such as deploying consistent and stringent facility standards, enhancing cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene programs, activating outdoor spaces, coordinating with contractors, and standardizing building access and prioritizing spaces.

The facilities and building operations plan aligns with and supports our classroom setup guidelines for departments with departmentally controlled instructional spaces. This resource also supports social distancing guidelines and ensures room capacity does not exceed university controls.

View the complete Facilities and Building Operations presentation.

Recent Resource/Document Updates:

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