Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Our team assists in the recruitment, admission, enrollment, and academic scheduling of our students, while aligning resources to enhance the quality and diversity of the student body.

Vice Provost, Luisa Havens, Virginia Tech

Assuring achievement of university strategic goals

The vice provost is partnering across the university to attract, enroll,
and graduate a highly qualified, talented and diverse student body.

Undergraduate Admissions

Attracting, recruiting, and enrolling a highly qualified, talented, and diverse student body in a manner that supports the university's well-being.

College Access Collaborative

Formed in summer 2016 to strengthen the university’s existing commitment to increase access to higher education.

Research and Analysis

Providing data planning and analysis support in evaluating the trend data in applicants, yield, curricular capacity, and scholarship utilization.

University Registrar

Supporting the University Strategic Plan by serving three distinct publics: students, alumni, and faculty and staff.

University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Providing the financial means to encourage economic, social, cultural, and academic diversity in the student body.

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Get to know Vice Provost, Luisa havens

A member of the Virginia Tech faculty since 2017.