Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs

Our team is engaged in collaborative work designed to create effective communities of practice to promote faculty success and professional development.

Jack Finney, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Virginia Tech

Jack Finney, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Virginia Tech


Supporting and recognizing you

The vice provost is working with his team to recruit, develop, and promote oustanding and diverse faculty.

Faculty Development

Implements and supports programs to increase the advancement and success of outstanding and diverse faculty members.

Faculty Networking

Provides opportunities for faculty to meet and engage across departments, colleges, and disiplines.

Faculty Personnel Actions

Oversees changes to faculty appointments, faculty recognition programs, and research leaves, and assists in the resolution of faculty grievances.

Faculty Recognition

Encourages, supports, and recognizes outstanding and diverse faculty through a variety of awards and recognition programs.

Faculty Recruitment

Supports recruitment initiatives to promote the hiring of outstanding and diverse faculty members.

Faculty Work-Life Policies

Develops policies to assist faculty with the challenges of balancing professional and personal life.

Leadership Development

Supports the ongoing development of academic leaders at Virginia Tech with a variety of programs and resources.

We are committed

AdvanceVT assists Virginia Tech in preparing, recruiting, and retaining high quality and diverse faculty.

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