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Areas of Focus

Adaptive Brain and Behavior (ABB)

Advancing our understanding of brain plasticity as it pertains to decision-making, physical and psychological trauma, and development across the lifespan. Studies in the ABB space enhance knowledge of the impact of brain-behavior relationships on health and the human condition.

Creativity + Innovation (C+I)

Exploring innovative technologies and the design of creative experiences with best practices for developing impact driven and meaningful outcomes and solutions. C+I will build and strengthen creative communities, support economic development, and enhance quality of life via self-sustaining and entrepreneurial activities.

Data and Decisions (DD)

Advancing the human condition and society with better decisions through data. DD strives to be a global destination for data analytics and decision sciences, integrating across all DA/SGAs.

Economical and Sustainable Materials (ESM)

Understanding and addressing scientific materials challenges related to health, energy, environment, and resilient infrastructure. Efforts span the scope and sequence of materials use from discovery and computational modeling to processing, manufacturing and implementation.

Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition (ESDHC)

Engaging with societal problems to advance equity in the human condition, maximizing wherever possible, the equitable distribution and availability of physical safety and well-being, psychological well-being, and access to crucial material, social, and moral resources.

Global Systems Science (GSS)

Understanding and finding solutions to critical problems associated with human activity and environmental change that, together, affect disease states, water quality, and food production.

Integrated Security (IS)

Focusing on themes related to cyber security, privacy and ethics, governance, and global security. The goal is to understand and foster a world in which people, institutions, and nations are secured by technology and social systems that follow ethical principles and promote values.

Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities (IIHCC)

Creating framework for innovation to enable graduates to reimagine community. IIHCC seeks to address problems that exist at, and along, the interdependencies between humans, communities, and infrastructures to ultimately improve quality of life.


Developing novel approaches to policymaking and analysis by focusing on the dynamics of complex decision making in multiple contexts and policy settings. Working at the intersection of scientific evidence, governance, and analyses to translate scholarship to practice.