+Policy Stakeholder Committee

Program Manager
Isabel Bradburn, ISCE and Human Development and Family Science

Support Coordinator
Yancey Crawford, ISCE

Faculty Leads
Karen Hult, Political Science and Center for Public Administration and Policy (CLAHS, CAUS)
Julia Gohlke, Population Health Sciences (Vet-Med)

Laura Belmonte (Dean), College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Susan Chen, Agriculture and Applied Economics (CALS)
Sue Ge, Economics (COS)
Andrew Katz, Engineering Education (COE)
Anne Khademian, Presidential Fellow
Douglas Lind, Philosophy (CLAHS)
David Orden, Institute for Society, Culture and Environment
Karen Roberto, Institute for Society, Culture and Environment
Todd Schenk, Urban Affairs and Planning (CAUS)
Sonja Schmid, Science, Technology and Society (CLAHS)
Max Stephenson, Institute of Policy and Governance (CAUS)
Anne-Lise Velez, Honors College and College of Architecture and Urban Studies (CAUS)