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Academic Resource Management

Fostering academic quality and the advancement of Virginia Tech's strategic goals

Our team oversees the university's academic budget, manages academic space, and provides data and services for academic assessment and evaluation.

  • General Item
    Academic Budget Development

    Oversees the development of the educational and general budget through both a performance budget model and an annual process that solicits and respond to prioritized request from each academic VP and college, and provides one time support for special initiatives through the fiscal year. 

  • General Item
    Academic Space

    The Academic Space team promotes the effective use of space through the assignment and reassignment of existing space, and plays an integral part in the prioritization of new capital projects and renovations.

  • Redirect Item
    Analytics & Institutional Effectiveness , redirect

    Analytics & Institutional Effectiveness facilitates a culture of continuous improvement and provides data and analysis in support of effective and efficient decision making across the institution.

  • General Item
    Business Services Unit

    The Business Services Unit provides budgetary, fiscal, and human resource support to academic Vice Presidents and Vice Provost areas.


Get to Know Vice Provost, Jeff Earley

Analyzing and promoting academic initiatives in the university’s budget process, and managing the resource allocation systems maintained by the provost office since 2010.