Innovative approaches to undergraduate and graduate education is supported by the VT-Shaped Learning Committee.

Fall 2017 Destination Area Courses

The first Destination Area courses will be offered in the fall semester of the 2017-18 academic year.

Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities

The Future Is Now: Reinventing Community in the 21st Century
STS 2984, CRN 89995
Richard Hirsh and Matt Spindler

Data and Decisions

Introduction to Data in Social Context
HIST 2604
Tom Ewing

Examines the use of data to identify, reveal, explain, and interpret patterns human behavior, identity, and interactions.  Explores the historical trajectories of data to ask how societies have increasingly identified numerical measures as meaningful categories of knowledge, as well as the persistent challenges to assumptions about the universality of social categories reducible to numerical measures.

Data in Our Lives: Critical Thinking with Data

Today’s students are tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, politicians, industrial leaders, patients, parents, volunteers, neighbors, etc. who will make important decisions that will impact both themselves and our society. To make these decisions, data serve as an important recourse for gathering “objective” information and evaluating risk (or lack thereof) from multiple perspectives. However, the use of data does not automatically imply objectivity. In this class, students are exposed to multiple sources of data, personal reflection on inner or other biases and the contrast between findings from data and those biases and the contrast between findings from data and those biases based on statistical tools. Students will also be exposed to technologies that can help them process and discover information in data for interpretation.

Spring 2018 Destination Area and Strategic Growth Area Courses

Course listings and descriptions coming soon.