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Upcoming Events

June 5 application deadline Deloitte Foundation Data Analytics Fellowship

Deloitte Inc. and the Data & Decisions Destination Area are proud to announce a Call for Applications to provide 3-4 Deloitte Fellowships to graduate students who apply. The Fellowship opportunity is open to any masters or doctoral student at any stage of his/her education. There is a project involved and that project does need to involve data analytics in one of the areas of general interest listed in the call. Award announcements are planned for June 15, 2018.


The Data and Decisions Destination Area seeks to advance the human condition and society with better decisions through data. We seek to be a global destination for data analytics and decision sciences, integrating across all Destination Areas and Strategic Growth Areas.  Work in this area also embraces equity in the human condition by seeking the equitable distribution and availability of physical safety and well-being, psychological well-being, respect for human dignity, and access to crucial material and social resources throughout the world’s diverse communities. This Destination Area further addresses policymaking and policy analysis, collaborating at the intersection of scientific evidence, governance, and analyses to translate scholarship into practice.

Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech is strategically investing in hiring innovative and collaborative faculty to advance its vision to grow beyond boundaries as a premier 21st-century global land-grant institution through our Destination Areas initiative. 

The Data and Decisions Destination Area is actively recruiting a robust and diverse cluster of faculty.  In addition to the clustering hiring initiative, there are a number of additional faculty opportunities that are linked to the work of the Data and Decisions area.

Stakeholder Committee

  • Chris Barrett (Computer Science, Biocomplexity Institute)
  • Zachary Easton (Biological Systems Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • Mark Embree (Mathematics, College of Science)
  • Tom Ewing (History, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences)
  • Sallie Keller (Statistics, Biocomplexity Institute)
  • Sally Morton (Statistics, College of Science)
  • Chris North (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Naren Ramakrishnan (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Robin Russell (Business Information Technology, Pamplin College of Business)
  • Sudipta Sarangi (Economics, College of Science)
  • Tina Savla (Human Development and Family Science, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences)
  • Bob Settlage (Computational Science, Advanced Research Computing)
  • Robert Sumichrast (Management Science, Pamplin College of Business)
  • G. Don Taylor (Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering)
  • Randy Wynne (Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, College of Natural Resources and Environment)
  • Antonio Trani (Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering)
  • Zhiwu Xie (Digital Library Development, University Libraries)
  • Program Manager: Christine Tysor