Menah Pratt-Clarke and Tim Sands speak at a roundtable event


A major element of Virginia Tech’s engagement with real-world problems should be equity in the human condition, maximizing, wherever possible, the equitable distribution and availability of physical safety and well-being, psychological well-being, and access to crucial material, social, and moral resources. Virginia Tech faculty should be encouraged to understand difference and disparity for the practical pursuit and application of their scholarship, and Virginia Tech students should be equipped to promote equity in the human condition in their professional and personal lives.

Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech will be recruiting instruction and research faculty to work collaboratively across the Destination Areas (DAs) and Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs).

Current recruitment efforts are highlighted on the Cluster Hires page.

Stakeholder Committee

  • Julie Dunsmore (COS, Psychology)
  • Kathy Hosig (CVM, Population Health Sciences)
  • Patrick Miller (CAUS)
  • Kim Niewolny (CALS)
  • Robert Oliver (CNRE)
  • Menah Pratt-Clarke (Office of Inclusion and Diversity)
  • Susan Summner (CALS)
  • Bevlee Watford (COE)
  • Kenneth Wong (COS)
  • Co-Program Managers:  Ellington Graves and Michelle Deramo