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Innovating the future of manufacturing from atoms to systems through integrated discovery of materials, processes, and technologies while serving society through novel and resilient products and jobs creation.  The Economical and Sustainable Materials Strategic Growth Area is committed to the development of cross-disciplinary teams that will tackle critical scientific materials challenges related to our pillars of interest: health, energy, environment, and resilient infrastructure.

We view these challenges through an atoms/molecules-to-systems lens, so our research and education efforts will span the full scope and sequence of materials use from discovery and computational modeling to processing, manufacturing, and implementation. Our research pillars connect our mission with those of all the existing Destination Areas and Strategic Growth areas. Adaptive Brain and Behavior, Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities, and Global Systems Science have been identified as natural partners.

Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech will be recruiting instruction and research faculty to work collaboratively across the Destination Areas (DAs) and Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs).

Current recruitment efforts are highlighted on the Cluster Hires page.

Stakeholder Committee

  • Justin Barone (CALS/COE)
  • David Clark (COE)
  • Chip Frazier (CNRE)

  • Roberto Leon (COE)
  • Timothy Long (COS)
  • Kathy Lu (COE)
  • Steve McKnight (National Capital Region)
  • Amanda Morris (COS)

  • Michael Philen (COE)
  • Michel Pleimling (COS)
  • Shashank Priya (COE)
  • Christopher Williams (COE)
  • Audrey Zink-Sharp (CNRE)
  • Program Manager: Dennis Grove

Workshop Opportunity

Please see the details in the attachment inviting you to participate in a workshop with ~20 leading researchers from ORNL that will visit VT on 12 April from 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  We would like to invite you to be a part of the event and breakout sessions to identify potential areas of collaboration.

Those interested are invited to visit and fill out the survey no later than Monday, April 9, close of business so that we can be sure to have enough room and food for your participation.  

Please share these details with the college faculty.