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The Policy Strategic Growth Area (SGA) develops novel approaches to policymaking and policy analysis by focusing on the dynamics (e.g., inputs, outcomes, impacts) of complex decision making in multiple contexts and policy settings. Working at the intersection of scientific evidence, governance, and analyses, the Policy SGA translates scholarship to practice and examines the interplay between the two. In this unique space of collaborative research, education and engagement, experts from non-policy related disciplines will gain insights to the complexity of worldwide issues, organizational dynamics, regulatory policy, and more, and policy experts will gain insights into the science, technology, and analytical strategies that must be incorporated into complex decision making across multiple jurisdictions. Building a capacity for policy research and development that connects STEM disciplines with the social sciences and humanities sets us apart from the "policy school" approach by leveraging our strengths in policy-related theoretical and methodological innovation and sophistication and the deliberate integration of policy considerations throughout the university, so as to advance the human condition in a just and equitable manner.

Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech will be recruiting instruction and research faculty to work collaboratively across the Destination Areas (DAs) and Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs).

Current recruitment efforts are highlighted on the Cluster Hires page.

Stakeholder Committee

  • Suqin Ge (COS)
  • Navid Ghaffarzadegan (COE)
  • Karen Hult (CLAHS)
  • Anne Khademian (CAUS)
  • Douglas Lind (CLAHS)
  • Valerie Ragan (CVM)
  • Wornie Reed (CLAHS)
  • Karen Roberto (ISCE)
  • Anju Seth (PCoB)
  • Sonja Schmid (NCR/CLAHS)
  • Wen You (CALS)
  • Co-Program Managers: Karen Roberto and Isabel Bradburn

Planning Grants for 2017-2018

The purpose of the PSGA planning grants is to foster the development of new collaborations, transdisciplinary research agendas, and/or other activities needed to facilitate scholarly output or to begin to build capacity for seeking external funding.  Proposals of 1-2 pages are due by December 1.  Teams will be notified no later than Dec 15th if they have been awarded a planning grants.  Please download the form below.