Destination Areas

Destination Areas: Building Transdisciplinary Communities

Transdisciplinary communities at Virginia Tech are working collaboratively to address complex problems that impact the human condition. Teams are working across disciplinary boundaries to address challenges in rural health, infectious disease, coastal mitigation, and security.

Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

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Transdisciplinary Communities

Nine areas of focus combine our existing academic and research
strengths with innovative transdisciplinary teams, tools, and processes.

Upcoming Events

February 20, 2019

Data and Decisions and 2019 PPE Distinguished Public Lecture with Dr. Dan Ariely: "Free Beer"
Location: Moss Arts Center
Time: 5pm-7pm
Admission: Free


Brown Bag Lecture Series: Building Transdisciplinary Communities

January 30
Sudipta Sarangi
Data and Decisions Destination Areas and Department of Economics
Location: Kelly 210
Time: 12-1pm

February 20
Patty Raun and Daniel Bird Tobin
Center for Communicating Science and School of Performance Arts
Location: Kelly 310
Time: 12-1pm

March 20
Aaron Brantly
Integrated Security Destination Areas and Department of Political Science
Location: Kelly 210
Time: 12-1pm

April 17
Anne Khademian
Policy Strategic Growth Area and School of Public and International Affairs
Location: Kelly Hall 210
Time: 12-1pm

Faculty Spotlight

Myounghoon Jeon has been appointed associate professor in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is one of 28 new faculty members hired by the college for the 2018-19 academic year.

Faculty Spotlight, Virginia Tech

Destination Areas News

Building the resources to thwart a virtual abyss, VT Magazine, Virginia Tech

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Our Motto

Ut Prosim (That I May Serve)

Virginia Tech is committed to creating global impacts built
upon a foundation of diversity, inclusion, and social engagement.

Video: Conversation with the President

In a conversation with Dawn Jefferies, Virginia Tech President Tim Sands talks about the start of the academic year and reflects on the importance of research.

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Top Talent Search

We intend to attract and retain top talent through initiatives that are supported by administration, stakeholder groups, and outstanding new interdisciplinary facilities.

2018 Courses

We welcome students seeking to reach beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to find the innovation that exists in the intersections of diverse fields.





Please contact Todd Nicewonger, Project Director for Destination Areas