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ABB Vision and Mission


The Adaptive Brain and Behavior Destination Area is focused on the transdisciplinary study of brain plasticity particularly as it pertains to decision-making, physical and psychological trauma, and healthy development across the lifespan. Faculty are working together in this area to build a better understanding of the brain-behavior relationship in health and the human condition to enhance resilience and well-being in the world’s diverse communities.


Virginia Tech is dedicated to advancing the understanding of plasticity of the brain and behavior by building transdisciplinary teams and employing state of the art technologies to address related themes and questions in the areas of decision making, physical and psychological trauma, and development across the lifespan. Our research will have a critical impact on some of the most serious health, economic, and social issues confronting our region and country and will directly impact wellness, resilience, and health policy.

Research in adaptive brain and behavior will be paired with an innovative curriculum introducing students to applied principles of the changing brain-behavior relationship and its impact on community, health, and the human condition. Virginia Tech has made substantial investment and our continued and targeted efforts will transform Virginia Tech into a national and international destination area for students, scientists, and investors interested in the adaptive brain and behavior.