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C+I Faculty Milestones

Creativity + Innovation faculty Aisling Kelliher in collaboration with a multi-institutional team has received a high-profile grant from the National Institutes of Health for their project titled Sensor Technology Applied to Rehabilitation in Stroke - STARS.

Congratulating fellow C+I member, Lucinda Roy, on a fine recognition published earlier this month that highlights her new three-book deal with Tor/Macmillan. In addition to serving as one of the original C+I Stakeholder committee members, Lucinda currently co-leads our Diversity and Inclusion working group alongside Erika Meitner and Wallace Santos Lages. Congratulations on this fine achievement, Lucinda!

Please join me in congratulating Matt Wisnioski, Lee Vinsel, and Marie Stettler Kleine on the new volume of the book Does America Need More Innovators? Edited by Matt, a C+I Stakeholder, and with contributions from Lee, a C+I hire—both of whom are STS faculty—the book results from work in the pre-history days of C+I and from the Innovation in Context class. It is a critical exploration of today's global imperative to innovate by leading champions, critics, and reformers of innovation. Matt co-edited the book with PhD student, Marie Stettler Kleine, and Smithsonian Historian, Eric S. Hintz.  

Through the generosity of MIT Press, the entire book is available for free as an open-access download.

We had an amazing representation at the 2019 ACCelerate festival, including 6 Virginia Tech projects, all of which were in part funded by ICAT and/or C+I.

Fog Harp

  • Brook Kennedy
  • Jonathan Boreyko
  • Weiwei Shi
  • Tom Van der Sloot

Shakespeare’s Garden: An Immersive Sound Stroll

  • Amanda Nelson
  • Charles Nichols
  • Natasha Staley
  • Meaghan Dee
  • Tanner Upthegrove
  • Joe Court
  • Joseph Fry
  • Chris Russo
  • John Ambrosone
  • Jamie Lindsay

Exploring the World War I Tunnels of Vauquois through Virtual Reality

  • David Hicks
  • Todd Ogle
  • Zach Duer
  • Doug Bowman
  • Scott Fralin
  • Dongsoo Choi
  • Thomas Tucker
  • Erik Westman
  • Phat Nguyen
  • Huy Ngo
  • Dillion Qutaiar
  • Nick Wyers

Low-cost 3D-Printed Personalized Bionic Prosthetic Hands for Children with Birth Defects

  • Blake Johnson
  • Akshay Sharma
  • David Dillard
  • Yuxin Tong
  • Ethan Kywe
  • Mina Shawky

The Right of Way: A Documentary Play (performance)

  • Thomas Murray
  • Tanner Upthegrove
  • Stephen Balani
  • Andrew Bartee
  • Ryan Chapman
  • Anastasia Conyers
  • Felysia Furnary
  • Maya Garcia
  • Mordecai Lecky
  • Haylee McGeorge
  • Rodney McKeithan
  • Mary Rathell
  • Andrew Schurr
  • Alexandra Yau

Sound Garden

  • Thomas Tucker
  • David Franusich
  • Tanner Upthegrove
  • Eric Lyon
  • George Hardebeck
  • Matthew Swarts
  • Jon Hamilton
  • Caleb Flood
  • Aline R.S.S. de Souza
  • Mahshid Gorjianand
  • Xindi Liu

This monumental event, engaging most ACC schools, was organized almost exclusively by the ICAT and C+I staff who deserve a round of heartfelt applause for their hard work that has made the ACCelerate festival a resounding success. See additional information regarding the ACCelerate festival.

Two projects were featured at the LSIE Transdisciplinary Communities Research Symposium held in the Moss Arts Center.

Source Form

  • Sam Blanchard
  • Jia-Bin Huang
  • Chris Williams
  • Viswanath Meenakshisundaram
  • Joseph Kubalak
  • Sanket Lokegaonkar

Live Action VR - Integrating Live Actors into Virtual Reality Experiences in Real Time

  • Justin Perkinson
  • Wallace Santos Lages
  • Phat Nguyen
  • Tianyu Ge
  • Mary Mutter
  • Christian Schroeder