C+I Vision and Mission

From imagination to innovation, the Creativity + Innovation (C+I) community empowers students, faculty, and external partners to collaborate beyond boundaries.

It is a vibrant ecosystem that melds the exploration of innovative technologies and the design of creative experiences with best practices for developing impact-driven and meaningful outcomes and solutions. With its integrative approach to science, engineering, arts, design, and humanities C+I is uniquely positioned to build and strengthens creative communities, support economic development, and enhance quality of life through enriching, self-sustaining, and entrepreneurial activities.

C+I's curricula focuses on the human-centered integrative research, practice, and innovation at the intersection of technology, arts, and design. It seeks to meet the needs of a new kind of hybrid student, one who simultaneously develops and expresses technical, critical, and creative abilities to improve the human condition. C+I integrates science, engineering, arts, design, and the humanities in offering students a transdisciplinary program tailored to addressing the opportunities and complexities of 21st century living.