Economical and Sustainable Materials

Economical and Sustainable Materials

Our team is innovating the future of manufacturing from atoms to systems through integrated discovery of materials, processes, and technologies while serving society through novel and resilient products and jobs creation.

Economical and Sustainable Materials, ESM, Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

Computational Materials Modeling Workshop, ESM, Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

2nd Computational Materials Modeling Workshop

October 26
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Location: Kelly Hall 310
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together people from different departments who are working on computational materials engineering. The goal is to bridge the gaps, break away from the clusters, and exchange ideas with a view of securing NSF funding for integrative research in material science and design.

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Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech is strategically investing in hiring innovative and collaborative faculty to advance its vision to grow beyond boundaries as a premier 21st-century global land-grant institution through our Destination Areas initiative. 

We are looking for new faculty to join our team. 

Economical and Sustainable Materials is committed to the development of cross-disciplinary teams that will tackle critical scientific materials challenges related to our pillars of interest: health, energy, environment, and resilient infrastructure.

We view these challenges through an atoms/molecules-to-systems lens, so our research and education efforts will span the full scope and sequence of materials use from discovery and computational modeling to processing, manufacturing, and implementation. Our research pillars connect our mission with those of all the existing Destination Areas and Strategic Growth areas. Adaptive Brain and Behavior, Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities, and Global Systems Science have been identified as natural partners.

Stakeholder Committee

  • Ann Norris
    Program Manager
  • Scott Case
    Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, College of Engineering
  • David Clark
    Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
  • David Cox
    Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Roberto Leon
    Civil Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Timothy Long
    Chemistry, College of Science
  • Amanda Morris*
    Chemistry, College of Science
  • Michel Pleimling
    Physics, College of Science
  • Christopher Williams
    Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

*Faculty Lead