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IIHCC Forum Series

IIHCC is pleased to launch the IIHCC Forum, a series of panel discussions in which scholars from both inside and outside of Virginia Tech engage in conversations about human-centered, equitable approaches to digital technologies, particularly AI, infrastructure, social justice, sustainability, design, and the environment.

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The first online panel in the series took place on Monday, March 1 from noon to 1:00 pm with Dr. Suqin Ge of Economics and Dr. Ralph Hall of Urban Affairs and Planning. Dr. Sylvester Johnson, Founding director of the Virginia Tech Center for Humanities and a member of the IIHCC stakeholder committee, moderated the panel. 

The panel topic was "Future of Work". How is the digital economy affecting present and future labor opportunities? Is AI replacing more jobs than it creates? Are there gender disparities in the impact of automation? What is the relationship between economic growth and real wages? Should universal basic income play a role? Dr. Suqin Ge and Dr. Ralph Hall examined these and other important topics as they explain how human-centered approaches to intelligent infrastructure can help guide us toward more positive outcomes in the future of work.