Integrated Security

Integrated Security

Our team focuses on understanding and fostering a world in which individuals, institutions, and nations are secured by technology and social systems that follow ethical principles and promote values of social justice.

Integrated Security, Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

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Faculty Recruitment

Over the next five years, Virginia Tech is strategically investing in hiring innovative and collaborative faculty to advance its vision to grow beyond boundaries as a premier 21st-century global land-grant institution through our Destination Areas initiative.

 Integrated Security is looking for new faculty to join our team. 

Faculty working together in this area are bringing a transdisciplinary approach to the complex range of human and systems security challenges. 

Work in this area also embraces equity in the human condition by seeking the equitable distribution and availability of physical safety and well-being, psychological well-being, respect for human dignity, and access to crucial material and social resources throughout the world’s diverse communities. This Destination Area further addresses policymaking and policy analysis, collaborating at the intersection of scientific evidence, governance, and analyses to translate scholarship into practice.


Stakeholder Committee

  • Odge Hutton and Russ Walker
    Co-Program Managers
  • Reza Barkhi
    Accounting and Information Systems, Pamplin College of Business
  • Jonathan Black
    Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Rosemary Blieszner
    Human Development, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Toni Calasanti
    Sociology, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Charles Clancy
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hume Center
  • Maj. Gen. Randy Fullhart
    USAF, Corps of Cadets
  • Jim Hawdon
    Sociology, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Janine Hiller
    Business Law, Pamplin College of Business
  • Patrick Huber
    Physics, College of Science
  • Tim Luke
    Political Science, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Randy Marchany
    Security, Information Technology
  • Col. Paul Mele
    U.S. Army, Professor of Military Science, Virginia Tech Army ROTC
  • Joel Peters
    Government and International Affairs, College of Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
    Computer Science, College of Engineering