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Creativity+Innovation Courses Fall 2019

Innovation in Context

STS 2254

253 Moss Arts Center
M, W

Critical examination of diverse definitions and examples of innovation. Discussion of innovation as a process of social change; as technology diffusion; as an economic engine; as an ecosystem; as an ideology; and more. Introduction to methods and ideas from the field of Science and Technology Studies including the analysis of innovation from historical, cultural, and economic perspectives, as well as the study of innovation's consequences and its alternatives. Collaborative projects focused on creatively describing and critiquing local cases of innovative work.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:

Critical Thinking Humanities, G02
Ethical Reasoning, G10 
Intercultural&Global Awareness, G11

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Instructor: Fabian Prieto-Nanez
This course is part of the Innovation Pathways Minor.

Create! Ideation for Innovation

ENGE 2094

A single 3 credit course for students interested in exploring the nexus of the arts, engineering, science, business and design. The course consists of activities and discussions that will help guide students in the process of creative inquiry, design, customer discovery, and collaboration to build an understanding of the ties between multiple disciplines. Student collaborations combined with faculty, visiting artists and visiting business professionals will help students explore their own interests as they use ideation and critique strategies to design products and services to meet current and future market needs.

Satisfies the following General Education requirements:
Creativity & Aesthetic Experience, G6d

Additional information

Instructor: Lisa McNair and Liesl Baum
Create! Ideation for Innovation

This course is part of the Innovation Pathways Minor.


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