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Tech for Humanity

“Networks of humans and machines are informing our decisions and improving our lives at home, on the highway, at work, and at play. As Virginia Tech and partners create these technologies, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to do so from the perspective of the human condition, addressing issues of design, access, ethics, policy, and regulation along with the development of the technology.” - Virginia Tech President, Tim Sands

Tech for Humanity, Virginia Tech

What is Tech for Humanity?

Tech for Humanity is a university-wide effort that emphasizes Virginia Tech’s role as one of the top human-centered comprehensive universities leading discovery, learning, and engagement to address the societal impact of technological innovation through human-centered approaches.

The initiative foregrounds the role of ethics, empathy, policy, responsible innovation, equity, human-factor design, human identity, creativity, global collaboration, societal values, inclusion and diversity, sustainability, and attention toward the future of work to ensure a viable outlook for human thriving amidst significant innovations in technology that will shape our world in the decades to come.


Tech for Humanity is an Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) approach and supports Virginia Tech’s focus on service to humanity with a Beyond Boundaries vision to enrich VT’s global leadership for societal transformation.

Tech-for-Humanity is doubly meaningful, communicating that:

  1. Technology must be guided by human-centered approaches
  2. Virginia Tech is committed to serving humanity, particularly as a comprehensive research university that is leading technological innovation

Why now?

The Tech for Humanity initiative recognizes that technology is fundamentally a human issue that demands comprehensive, human-centered approaches. Virginia Tech is uniquely positioned to help lead this new era of human-centered technology.

Why Virginia Tech?

The Tech for Humanity initiative expresses Virginia Tech’s leadership as one of the nation’s top human-centered comprehensive universities implementing university-wide scholarship that advances human-centered work on technology innovation.

Tech for Humanity Scholars

Tech for Humanity is happening across the entire university as scholars in every college and across centers and institutes incorporate human-centered questions, methods, and outcomes into their work.