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Office of the Executive Vice Provost

Office of the Executive Vice Provost

Vice Provost Areas and the Arts

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    Academic Resource Management

    Supports the university's leadership in the allocation of financial, physical, and human resources and provides internal management information and external compliance information on the accomplishment of the institution's mission, goals, and objectives.

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    Arts at Virginia Tech

    Transforms lives through exploration and engagement with the arts and creative process.

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    Enrollment Management

    Assists in the recruitment, admission, enrollment, and academic scheduling of our students, while aligning resources to enhance the quality and diversity of the student body.

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    Faculty Affairs

    Engages in collaborative work designed to create effective communities of practice to promote faculty success and professional development.

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    Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    Coordinates strategic initiatives with college deans, associate deans, and other vice provosts to advance Virginia Tech’s undergraduate education profile.

Accreditation, SCHEV, & Program Development

Provides assistance coordinating changes to academic program strategies with approvals and reporting required by federal, state, and accrediting agencies, and also provides market research to university stakeholders for existing and new academic program development.

Destination Areas

Transdisciplinary communities at Virginia Tech are working collaboratively to address complex problems that impact the human condition.

Get to Know Executive Vice Provost Don Taylor

Serving Virginia Tech since 2004 as a department head, interim dean, vice provost, and interim vice president.