The Provost promotes the accomplishment of the university strategic plan and monitors progress against the goals of the plan through the tracking and reporting of high level metrics.

Implementation Plan for Selected Elements of a Plan for a New Horizon: As a complement to A Plan for a New Horizon,  the Provost’s Implementation Plan identifies and outlines 11 areas of growth and emphasis for the Senior Vice President and Provost. The Implementation Plan will be used to prioritize academic investments and to inform other policy initiatives and actions for the current planning period.

Long Range Plan Shared Performance Metrics : The strategic plan performance metrics are output measures that are used to evaluate the university's progress towards the goals of the strategic plan. The provost reviews college-level output data with the college deans annually and reports university-level output data to the Board of Visitors each fall.

University Scorecard Scholarship Domains: A summary of the the university-level output measures previously reported to the Board of Visitors.

Metrics Report for Academic Colleges and Departments :  The Metrics Report for Colleges and Departments displays academic and research output data and ratios at the college and departmental levels of the university.

Archive: Office of Long Range Planning : The Office of Long Range Planning was responsible for coordinating the development of the university's six-year strategic plan, A Plan for a New Horizon, Envisioning Virginia Tech, 2012-2018. The office oversaw the presidential task force established to conduct a full assessment of current strategies and to envision a "New Horizon" that will enable the university to capitalize on opportunities while continuing to elevate, build upon, and sustain the university's core values. (Note:  The Office of Long Range Planning closed in Fall 2013.)