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Community of Practice for Large Courses

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Virginia Tech is known for excellent teaching and learning in large classes. Showcased at the biennial Conference on Teaching Large Classes as well as new student orientation, Virginia Tech faculty lead the country in their innovative and engaging practices to facilitate student learning.

As faculty plan courses for fall of 2020, we face new settings and scenarios. With safety guidelines and physical distancing, courses that were considered medium-sized or small in the past may now be too large to fit in the traditional classroom setting. The community of faculty who will have to employ techniques to “teach large” has grown exponentially.

The large course community of practice invites all faculty to engage in a faculty community focused on concerns and passions for student learning in large courses. The structure of the community reflects the fundamental social nature of human learning and the teaching excellence which exists in the Virginia Tech community.

What to expect in the community

The Community will meet once a month beginning in July and continue throughout the fall semester. Each month the community will address a topic of concern with faculty discussion and faculty demonstrations of how they address these concerns in their online or hybrid course. Community meetings will be for 90 minutes blending discussion and pedagogical tools.

Who can join?

Community meetings are open to the Virginia Tech campus community. If you teach, you are welcome! Attend as many, or as few, community meetings to meet your teaching needs.

Community meeting schedule

July 28
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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Student Engagement: Large courses hybrid or online

The July community meeting will focus on ideas and techniques related to actively engaging students in the classroom environment regardless of modality. Join your colleagues to discuss issues and ideas as well as see demonstrations of technologies and techniques to promote active engagement in your course. Time is available after the meeting for Q&A.