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Pre-semester Workshop

The year 2020 has presented us with a multitude of challenges, foremost of which is the COVID-19 global pandemic, which abruptly altered our work and brought into sharp relief socio-economic and health disparities that exist among us. Further, the emergence of a new civil rights movement in May calls us to reexamine our usual practices and demonstrate a greater commitment to equity and inclusion for all.

The purpose of this module is to assist you in meeting these challenges through the provision of language and tools so that you may establish a norm of inclusion in your classroom, preserve equity through a pandemic, and communicate care and welcome to all students--but especially those who have been historically marginalized.

The workshop is comprised of three modules (in Canvas):

Each module includes content, discussions, and tools for implementation. The workshop ends by inviting you to propose questions for our Zoom discussion.

This workshop is available to any unit that wants to use all or part of it for their purposes. OID is not running it through the Professional Development Network because it is intended for groups to work on together. In other words, if your unit wants to complete the pre-work, Michele Deramo will set up a section for your group on the site so that participants can only interact with one another.  

If you want to make this workshop available to your unit, please let Michele Deramo know. Michele will need the pids of everyone in your unit who is intended to participate so that she can add them to the course. OR, Michele can give you teacher status so that you can set up a section and add participants on your own. Either way works.