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Community of Practice for Science and Engineering Labs

Lab Planning Core Team

These colleagues can be of support to you in their area of expertise:

  • Jill Sible, Undergraduate Education, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, 540-231-0372
  • Anne Brown, University Libraries
  • Gary Costello, Associate Registrar
  • Larry Cox, Instructional Designer, TLOS
  • Ellen Garcia, Biological Sciences, Graduate Academy of Teaching Excellence
  • Kevin Hamed, Assistant Professor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation
  • Kris Hite, Collegiate Faculty, Biochemistry
  • Bill Huckle, Associate Dean, Graduate School, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
  • Anna Kroner, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Matt Louvet, Coordinator of Online Services, TLOS
  • Steve Martin, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Travis Merritt, Collegiate Faculty, Physics
  • Keith Nunn, Academic Resource Management
  • Tom Staley, Laboratory Manager & Collegiate Associate Professor, Dept of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Anita Walz, University Libraries
  • Vickie Long, Chemistry

If you are interested in joining this community of practice, please email Jill Sible.

FAQs for Lab Courses

The VT Ready site maintains updated public health requirements for the university. Face coverings are required in all indoor settings including classrooms and laboratories.

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Faculty are not be expected to take students’ temperatures.

Some best practices to promote student compliance with COVID-19–related expectations include:  

  • setting expectations and consequences early and often both in the syllabus and during lab meetings
  • sharing the research that supports these regulations
  • aligning COVID-19–related expectations (wearing masks) with other safety protocols that are already part of your lab course
  • reminding students that in-person learning opportunities are contingent upon good compliance with the safety regulations

Please email Zack Adams in Environmental Health and Safety with questions about air quality and circulation in teaching labs.