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Van Coble

Van Coble joined the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost as Assistant Provost for Academic Space in September of 2013. Van is responsible for improving the quantity and quality of assets in the classroom and instructional laboratory inventory. A primary goal is to transform existing and future learning space to accommodate the continual evolution of teaching and learning methods. This role has particular importance now that distance learning and technology play a crucial role in the growth and dissemination of knowledge. The Provost’s Office assists Colleges and Departments in addressing their changing requirements for administrative and research space. Van’s analysis of existing space utilization effectiveness informs strategic planning decision making and is an important consideration in future space allocation and augmentation. 

Prior to joining the Provost’s Office, Van served as a Senior Project Manager in University Design and Construction. He managed numerous large and complex university projects including the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, ICTAS I, Henderson Hall and Theater 101, and the Moss Arts Center among others. Van is a licensed architect and worked in the private sector as a Project Architect before joining Virginia Tech in 2005.