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Student Success Initiatives

Student Success Initiatives (SSI) promotes student learning and development by providing resources and support services to all undergraduate students at the institution. These support services are designed to address the needs of a thriving and diverse community of learners.  Our focus is on enhancing student persistence, educational attainment, academic achievement, student advancement, and wholistic development.

SSI Departments

Academic Advising Initiatives (AAI)

AAI is tasked with providing support, new ideas, and professional development opportunities for the advising community at-large.

Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP)

MAOP encourages and financially supports the academic goals of a diverse student body by partnering with institutional, government, private and non-profit entities.

Student Success Center (SSC)

SSC is committed to providing holistic support services and programs that develop self-directed and lifelong learners within a diverse and inclusive environment.

University Studies & Scholarship Support

University Studies & Scholarship Support provides Transitional Advising for Virginia Tech students who wish to change out of their current majors.

Veteran Services

Veteran Services collaborates with university and community partners to ensure that veterans and military dependents are connected to the financial, academic, and social resources necessary for a successful transition to and through their course of study at Virginia Tech.