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VTBound: Current Students

VTBound provides international first year students with the opportunity to start their Virginia Tech education online and then transition to campus in order to complete their undergraduate degree.

The program is intended to provide international first year students who are outside of the US (and who are likely going to find it very difficult to make it to the US for Fall semester) with an opportunity to begin their programs fully online from wherever they are around the world (e.g. China, India, South Korea, Brazil, etc.).

The VTBound program offers an excellent academic experience, combining online courses and dedicated academic support to ensure a rich and fulfilling academic experience and a successful transition to campus upon completion of the program.

Students selected for VTBound are required to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours fully on-line during the semester-long program. 

Students are offered admission to the VTBound program for Fall 2020 once they have been determined admissible to the program of study they will pursue when they transition to campus for Spring 2021.

Upon acceptance of the offer, students are eligible to register and attend VTBound orientation and meet with their VTBound academic advisor.

While in the program, students register for an academic track specifically designed to fulfill degree requirements at VT.

Prior to the end of the VTBound program, VTBound academic advisors work with the students’ academic major advisors to ensure the transition to campus is smooth and to troubleshoot any barriers or issues that may arise.

Students who successfully complete the VTBound program and transition to campus will receive an automatic $3,000 scholarship applicable to their tuition charges for their first on-campus term.