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C+I is a University-level transdisciplinary initiative and a community of faculty and students whose vision and mission are uniquely focused on the curricular innovation.

Creativity and Innovation, Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

Creativity and Innovation, Destination Areas, Virginia Tech

C+I Announcements

The Franklin County Office of Economic Development and Tourism seeks an intern to develop new social media sites and enhance our current social media sites using emerging technologies.

An increased online and expanded social media presence will attract new visitors to the area as well as potential new residents, business owners, developers, etc.

Job Summary
This position will create both digital media and offline content that caters to the interests of our target audience(s).  They will engage new and existing investors, residents, and visitors on the County’s behalf.  General tasks include writing articles for our web pages, creating videos and social media posts.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with department heads to establish campaign objectives, complete tasks, and identify and solve problems.
  • Conduct research to learn more about current trends, developments, and perceptions
  • Identify new ways to reach consumers
  • Create various content types (videos, articles, infographics, etc.)
  • Utilize various digital publishing platforms to create structured drafts
  • Target content to specific audiences and focus on trending topics
  • Incorporate blog and social media posts in both websites and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

To secure technical support from an advanced GIS student or recent graduate of GIS program. Position is to demonstrate proficiency with a working knowledge and understanding of advanced GIS programming verses on-the-job-training.

Job Summary
To research and make recommendations for development and implementation of digital story-maps for tourism marketing and promotion. Research will embrace literature review of new, emerging and existing story-map platforms. The focal point of position will produce a story-map platform which can be deployed through a number of thematic concepts. 

Project outcomes to include range of possible story-map experience concepts, including:

  1. The Moo Cow Trail: Developing inventory and documenting FC Dairy Farms (past and present); in partnership with BRIM (Blue Ridge Institute & Museum) and FC Extension.
  2. The Long Tobacco Row: Developing inventory and documenting FC Tobacco Barns (past and present); in partnership with BRIM and FC Extension.
  3. The Moonshine Heritage Driving Tour Story-Map Experience: A Partnership between Franklin County, Patrick County, Floyd County, and BRIM.
  4. Eating Good Foodie Trail: Farm to Table Assets and Inventory. In partnership with FC Health Department and FC Extension.
  5. Toe Tapping Traditional Music Heritage Trail: A FC Live Music Trail. In partnership with BRIM.
  6. Toe Tapping Trail: A FC Live Music Trail – the where and when of Live Music in Franklin County.
  7. A Franklin County Story-Map Mystery Tour. You never know where it will take you next.
  8. Down at the Fishing Hole: The FC County Guide to Fishing at Two Lake and Four Rivers.
  9. How Convenient: A FC Guide to Convenience Store and Country Markets.
  10. The Curved Fork: A Guide to Dining in FC.
  11. My Cozy Pillow: A FC County Guide to B&B’s and other short term rental opportunities.   

Roles and Responsibilities
Seeking candidate with experience and training in one or more of the following areas:

GIS Desktop Software

  • Basic proficiency in either:
    • Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop
    • Esri’s ArcGIS Pro
  • Functional proficiency with:
    • Shapefile creation, modification, and storage
    • File geodatabase creation, modification, and storage
  • Desired but not required proficiency with:
    • Enterprise (SDE) geodatabase creation, modification, and storage

ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

  • Experience and functional proficiency with the following:
    • Managing AGOL content, groups, and sharing
    • Configuring AGOL viewer templates
    • Creating and editing AGOL content
  • Experience configuring and managing Esri Story Map templates
  • Experience with WebApp Builder (desired but not required)
  • Experience with Survey 123 (at least the basic AGOL version if not the Connect version)

ArcGIS Mobile Solutions

  • Experience with Esri’s mobile field data collecting app, Collector and/or its successor Field Data
  • Basic understanding of GPS technology – especially as opposed to the so-called GPS of a mobile phone…which is generally NOT actual GPS but cell tower triangulation.
  • Understanding of how AGOL and Esri mobile apps interact and are symbiotic.

Modea is seeking a passionate Marketing and Business Development summer intern to join their fast-paced and growing team. You will work very closely with their Marketing Specialist and cross-functional teams to help drive B2B lead generation and nurturing practices.

The deadline for project consideration for the festival is May 7, 2021. Two Virginia Tech projects will be selected for festival participation. Notifications of final acceptance for the festival will be in July 2021.

C+I News

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