IIHCC Newsletter Archive

IIHCC has identified better ways to improve communication, transparency, and engagement between IIHCC and those wishing to become or remain involved with the DA. A monthly newsletter is a great solution for disseminating information in a concise format that can be easily and consistently distributed to a large audience.

Each issue of the newsletter quickly highlights research, curriculum, facilities, and outreach efforts aligning with the University’s Beyond Boundaries initiative. The newsletters also contain updates regarding meetings, projects, and events associated with IIHCC and its partnerships.


February IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 3 - No 1 (PDF)


June IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 2 - No 5 (PDF)

May IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 2 - No 4 (PDF)

April IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 2 - No 3 (PDF)

Winter Edition IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 2 (PDF)


December IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 1 - No 2 (PDF)

November IIHCC Newsletter - Vol 1 - No 1 (PDF)